Written Interview to Delirium´s Brewery Export Manager, Stijn de Neve.

Melle, Belgium.

Emilio: It´s really a great pleasure to meet you. I have some questions for you Sir Stijn de Neve. 

Traditionally in Belgium there are thousands of beer brands, but many of them don’t have an attractive brand marketing. But Delirium does. What is your brand’s marketing vision and is it intended to be one of the best among Belgian breweries?


Stijn: I completely agree with you as 2 years ago when I was still working for another beer brand, I already felt Delirium was the leading brand in marketing, even worldwide. Now I know why, because Mrs. de Laet personally deals with all marketing. She’s also responsable for the new restyling from three years ago (new labels, new glassware). Since 2 years we also have a trade marketeer and social media manager. This is why we hope to be strong on instagram, twitter and facebook.

Emilio:  That´s really nice! Hope to consume more content from you through social media. Related to your sales plan, Belgian brewers share a local beer consumer market with limited opportunities to grow. Outside Belgium there are countries with growing beer consumer markets. In your opinion, What are your strenghts in your local beer consumer market and outside, what are the opportunities in Mexico?


Stijn: About Belgian brewers sharing a local beer market with limited opportunities to grow; I must disagree. As Belgium is well known for its beers this is a still growing market. What we saw the last years is that a lot of new “craft” breweries became part of the market. Even Delirium can still grow a lot in Belgium. Belgium beer culture is Unesco World Heritage and in our brewery we keep the standards of quality, sustainability and innovation high in our standards.

As for the Delirium brewery export´s aim is to become part of a greater off trade market. I think there is a lot of opportunity in Mexico as well. Currently Delirium is present in more than 100 countries.

Emilio: Wow, 100 countries is amazing! Not many breweries in the world can say that. Related to my country, you know, we have festive and colorful traditions. So It´s hard for us not to love the pink elephant on deliriums label. Can you tell us the story about it?

Stijn:  On demand of the Italians, we had the task of brewing a strong blond beer. Jean de Leat gave the brewmaster of Brewery Huyghe, Patrick De Waele, the order to write a recipe for a strong blond beer for an Italian beer importer. The Italians were convinced and the beer ‘San Gregory’ was born.

Stijn:  1989, around March excise duties inspectors visit Melle. Jean pours them a San Gregory and immediately tells them that it is intended for Italy. Whereupon a controller calls for the newcomer to be marketed in Belgium as well. But there is no name yet ... "If I drink a lot of it, I will soon have a delirium," admits a controller. And immediately the new beer was renamed: Delirium Tremens.

Stijn:  As the brewery was in financial difficulties Mr. de Laet couldn’t afford to buy new bottles but he still had some old bottles from a German customer which was already broke. Mr. de Laet filled his beer in those bottles and afterwards they were so loved that he had to use them all over again.

Stijn: The label was designed by a marketing student who received 2 cases of the beer for his hard work. If you were alcohol intoxicated you will see 4 animals: crocodiles, dragons, the birds of Alfred Hitchcock and of course pink elephants.

As the pink elephant seemed to be the cutest of all, it became the symbol of our brewery.

Emilio: Did´t expect there was so much behind your attractive label. Good to know ¡Thank you for attending this interview Sir! 

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